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The Appellate Immigration Project and its Executive Director were honored with the Community Service Award presented annually by the San Antonio Bar Association Foundation for their pro bono work representing asylum seekers, immigrants and refugees in appellate courts.

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SA Lawyer leading immigration appeals for asylum seekers, refugees

“Our client is a dead man if he goes back,” said Patton, who last year established The Appellate Immigration Project (TAIP) for cases such as this. It is the first and only nonprofit in Texas providing pro bono appellate representation to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers trying to remain in the U.S.”


San antonio appeals lawyer closes firm to focus on pro bono immigration appeals

“The significance of what he is doing cannot be diminished in any way. It makes me not only proud of him but proud of the legal profession,” said Catherine Stone, an appellate lawyer in San Antonio and a former Texas appeals court judge who has known Patton for many years.”


tpr Fronteras: Legal Aid for Asylum Seekers

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The appellate immigration project awarded Texas bar foundation grant

“The Appellate Immigration Project is pleased to announce it has received an $18,000 grant from the Texas Bar Foundation.”