The Project

The Appellate Immigration Project provides appellate legal representation (pro bono/free of charge) to qualified indigent immigrants and refugees before the Bureau of Immigration Appeals to facilitate their access to our system of justice and to otherwise safeguard the rights of vulnerable asylum-seekers and long-time lawful permanent residents.


Advocating for immigrants and refugees.

Our clients include refugees and immigrants from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Guatemala -- many of whom have been legal residents of the United States for years if not decades. In every case that we have, if our client is deported, family members, including parents and children, will be permanently separated while for some, being deported will mean almost certain torture and a death sentence. 

All of the Project’s legal work involves appeals.  The federal immigration judge has either ruled in our favor, announcing that our client’s claims for asylum, cancellation of deportation or relief under the Convention Against Torture are meritorious, and deciding that our client is entitled to stay in the U.S.   We then defend the federal judge’s ruling against Homeland Security’s appeal filed in the Board of Immigration Appeals.  Or, the judge has decided to deport our client and we have appealed, attempting to persuade the Board that under the law and the evidence, our client has the legal right to remain in this country.

We provide all legal services to our clients free of charge.  The attorney representing our clients is a board-certified specialist in civil appellate law and has 37+ years’ experience in appellate practice.  He does not receive a salary from the Project and works for free.  The directors of the Project do not receive a salary or any form of remuneration.   

All funds donated will go toward the expense and cost of preparing the appeal on behalf of our clients.

Our clients are screened and referred by non-profit legal aid and charitable organizations providing services to low-income immigrants and refugees.  The Project accepts clients only through these referrals.*

*If you or someone you know has an immigration issue that you believe requires legal assistance, please do not contact the Project through this website or otherwise.  Again, we only take cases through referrals from non-profit groups.  We do not accept any cases directly from any individuals.  In addition, material contained on this web site is not intended to be legal advice on any legal matter. This information is also not intended to create and does not create a lawyer-client relationship with any reader.




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